A Few of My Favorite Things

Sure, the holidays are over (and thank God for that!), but there’s always time to stop and reflect on things in our lives that just make everything better. So without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite things.

1. Free (!) cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. I sure am glad I don’t live close to a GTown location, because otherwise I’d have more trouble keeping the pounds off than I already do. So every day, GTown tweets and posts a Facebook status with its not-on-the-menu flavor. If you ask for it at the counter, the clerks will give you one from 100 the store gives out every day. How sweet (literally!) is that? I went twice like week for a peanut butter and chocolate blend (It’s heavenly. GTown really does have the best PB frosting ever. It’s got that bitter taste of the peanuts, but it’s creamy enough to remind you it’s still frosting. I’m starting to salivate just thinking about it.) and a white chocolate peppermint mix (peppermint is my favorite–especially during the holidays). If you’re ever near a GTown, be sure to get a free one.

2. Speaking of peppermint, Twisted Peppermint by Bath & Body Works is my new favorite scent. It smells refreshing and just makes me feel more awake when I use it. The lotion even tingles when you put it on. And even though it smells strong when you first apply/smell it, it’s got this subtle vanilla flavor that lingers after you’ve left it on for a while.

3. The water. I NEVER thought I’d ever love the water. My summers as a kid were spent dreading showing my body in a bathing suit–I’ve got a stylish one from Athleta that I love wearing now–when I was at the pool so I have a pretty negative association with it. But then I hurt me knee. Since it was painful for me to do any weight-bearing exercises (thankfully I’m almost healed), the water was my best option. And even though I still hate the chlorine smell (it just won’t come off, goddamnit), I really do love the water. It’s the only truly pain-free exercise out there. I love that it’s naturally resistant and easy on my joints. And I enjoy the long, warm post-workout shower plus applying tons of lotion after that.

4. Cherry Bombe. This indie magazine really is the bombe (see what I did there?), but I’m not exaggerating here. The book is printed on thick, luxurious paper that makes the magazine nerd in me swoon. But best of all is the content. It’s packed with gorgeous, I-wish-I-could-pluck-that-cupcake-right-off-the-page photos. The text appreciates and celebrates women, food and fashion. Maybe you think those things don’t go together, but they do, and beautifully so, in this gem of a publication. And it’s intelligent to boot. Plus, with so many websites focusing on critiquing food, it really is refreshing to see a publication that’s so positive. Get yourself to your nearest bookstore STAT to snag your copy. It really has reinvigorated my love of magazines. And I was sure that wasn’t possible.

5. Death Cab for Cutie. I’ve loved this band since 2005’s Plans. This album became my own personal soundtrack for my last year of high school and will always hold a special place in my musical heart (say awe, everybody). I first heard “Summer Skin” on the radio and the rest is history. I’m writing about the band because I’ve been listening to its older works and falling in love all over again. Even though Plans will always be my favorite, I officially adore Transatlanticism’s “Title and Registration” in addition to a handful of other tracks from that critically beloved CD. If you’re not familiar with the artist (and you should be), it’s a mix of poetic-lyrics, innovative piano/electric guitar sounds and upbeat tracks set with melancholy subjects. It’s both optimistic and sad and unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. I must see this group live; If only they’d get on releasing a new album and touring.

6. Covergirl’s Perfect Penny rose gold nail polish. I’m a bit of a nail polish freak. OK, I’m a huge nail polish freak. But recently Butter London posted a photo of its rose gold nail polish, and I had to have to have it. Except I don’t (let’s be real here). And Butter London charges $15 a pop for each bottle. So that’s why I had to have Covergirl’s version of it for about $10 less. Let’s be honest, it’s probably the same stuff anyway. I’m just happy to have a winter color that isn’t red or green on hand.

7. lululemon’s In the Flow crops. This brand has received a ton of flack recently, but I still love it to death. The company’s best pieces are innovative, stylish and ultimately motivate me to get to the gym. These crops are an example of lulu at its prime. They’re seamless and somehow manage to make my legs look leaner and slimmer.

I hope your life is equally filled with things you love too.