Sunscreen Has Come a Long Way, Baby

When it comes to beauty faux-pas, my biggest misstep was that, until very recently, I didn’t put on sunscreen every day. I work indoors, and I almost always wear a baseball cap whenever I go outside. But the biggest deterrence was that just about every sunscreen I tried broke me out. (a great resource for those of us with troubled skin) recommended Olay’s Sensitive Skin Moisturizer with SPF. It seemed to work well, but after applying it for four consecutive days when I was in L.A. last fall, the pimples started appearing.

So when I was in San Francisco this past November, the friend that I visited was like, “I can’t believe you don’t wear it everyday?” So not long after that, I called my dermatologist’s office (if you go here, ask for Dr. Suarez) and wanted to know what they recommended. They told me Anthelios or Neutrogena. I’ve had bad luck with Neutrogena’s face lotion in the past, but I’d had never heard of Anthelios before.

I was slightly sticker shocked when I learned that Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, made by La Roche-Posay, is $33.50 a bottle. But since the company offer full returns if you don’t like the product, and two free samples too, I decided it was worth it. And I’ve just had the best luck with the product. It’s never broken me out, and I’ve been wearing it for about three weeks straight.

It’s watery, unlike a lot of other sunscreens, but it absorbs quickly. It does leave a faint white sheen, but it also goes away and is much more subtle than other brands. It’s got that faint chemical/sunscreen smell to it, but it’s not overpowering. Best of all, CVS recently put it on sale for $20, and with the other coupons I had, I only paid around $12 for it. And I think we can all appreciate a good deal. So if you’re looking for a great sunscreen for acne-prone skin, go out and buy La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios. You won’t be disappointed.

And just as an aside, I’m also in love with Hawaiian Tropic’s Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen. It goes on like a moisturizer, smells tropical and floral, and I’ve never been burned wearing it. It makes me want to put on sunscreen, which is something I’ve never felt before. Heck, I can still remember when my Dad told me to get “greased up,” because that’s what putting on sunscreen felt like. And I’m glad that those days are long gone.sunscreen