Clothing Review: Victoria’s Secret Sport Studio Sport Bras

Up until about a month ago, I had two sports bras hanging in my closet that used to be white. Now, there’s this odd shade of gray (but not 50. Zing.) with gnarly brown sweat spots dotting the fabric. If that picture didn’t gross you out, you can probably guess that I needed some replacements, STAT. And since I had a Victoria’s Secret coupon for $25 off a bra, I decided I should stock up. And lucky me, I found my latest fitness wardrobe gem, the studio sport bra.

Since this is Victoria’s Secret, it’s a sexy V-neck with just the right amount of support. I also love it’s racerback and cute V straps that are hidden just well enough under my CRBs from lululemon. This is a great bra for light-to-medium impact activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, light jogging or assorted aerobics classes. It’s sexy, supportive and comes with remove-able cups that can really boost your bust (he, he). The material is light enough to not feel like armor (as some of my favorite bras from Moving Comfort do), but heavy enough to really hold everything in.

If you’re looking for your next sports bra, purchase, may I suggest this one? It’s got all the right stuff, and the colors are adorable too.




Go Ahead, Eat the Damn Cupcake

That bright pink box sat in the fridge and was calling my name like Marlon Brando’s famous “Stella, Stella” wails in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little (just a tad), but it really did have a hold of me. I’m house sitting for some relatives and in their fridge was sitting a pink box of four goodies from Georgetown Cupcake.

I arrived yesterday and have been thinking about it since I got here. I just had lunch and just had to pry open the box and dig in. And sometimes it’s better to do just that.

I’ve often found that the more I obsess over certain foods, the more likely it is that I’ll just an entire cake, box of cookies, insert packaged/processed/unhealthly-yet-delicious food name here (I’m lookin’ at you, Thin Mints). So, go ahead and eat the damn cake. Eat as much of it as you need to feel satisfied and then stop. Eating isn’t about emotions, but it should be about enjoyment. And couldn’t we all use a little more enjoyment?

In Praise of lululemon

The sheer pants lululemon-gate has spurred countless news articles, a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel parody and plenty of articles analyzing just what this means. Can you think of the last time a fashion brand generated this many headlines? Can you think of the last time an athletic clothing brand got this much attention? I certainly can’t, and since enough has been written about sheer workout pants (which if you’ve ever seen a group of people bend over during an exercise, it is a problem) and since people who shell out serious cash to buy high-end athletic wear have been criticized, I am here to tell you why I love lululemon.

When I first started regularly going to fitness studios, I noticed that everyone was, for the most part, wearing clothing with a little silver circle with a funny-looking “A” on it. And it looked good on them. The fit was great, and the colors were bright. And I had to have it.

The first time I ventured into a lululemon store, I think my jaw hit the floor when I looked at the price tags. They wanted more than $50 for a shirt I only wear when I’m sweating? But then I tried their clothes on. And they fit perfectly. I mean, I wish lululemon made clothes you could wear every day so shopping would be that much easier. The clothes are almost always flattering, they come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors and if you go to studios regularly, just about everyone wears them. I realize my last comment is very high school clique-ish, but it does feel good to fit in and belong.

I have two jackets, about 10 tops and three bottoms from lululemon, and I wear each and every piece fairly regularly. But most importantly, when I put on lululemon, I just feel better about myself. Falling in love with this brand has made me realize why people shell out big bucks on their wardrobes. It’s because, like it or not, wearing a high-end brand that looks great on you just feels better. It’s like saying to the world, without saying anything at all, “I care about my appearance, and I look good when I’m doing it.”

Realize that this is coming from someone who spent all four of her high school years wearing baggy, ill-fitting sweat pants, T-shirts and hoodies who never thought I’d be donning tight-fitting athletic wear. But I do. And I love it. And I feel good about spending money on clothes that make me feel more confident about myself. And I’m not going to apologize for it.

Let them wear high-priced lululemon. Let them have it.

San Francisco Travel Tips

Since I live blogged my L.A. trip, I thought I’d tackle my San Francisco trip in reverse and write about it a few weeks after I returned. So, here are my tips on successfully navigating San Francisco.

1. Bring cash, specifically $1 bills. The buses will only accept exact change. Oh, they’ll take your $20, even if it only the fare is only $2. Some of the restaurants will only take cash, too.

2. Public transportation is great. It’s everywhere and fairly easy to use. That being said, it’s old and does tend to be delayed. Bus tip: you’ll need to try to figure out what direction the bus will be traveling in so you know what side of the street to be on to catch it. Google maps will tell you what streets you need to be on, but you’ll have to figure out what direction the bus is going in. Note: sometimes the bus stops are only marked by a pole with a yellow mark above it. Be watchful. Even though the cable cars are fun, you’ll have to wait in a long line for a ride and the fare is $6. It’s worth it to do it once, but I wouldn’t do it again.

2. Get ready for your share of crazies. I mostly saw “interesting” characters on the bus. One guy appeared to be totally drug-addled, the other was reading a magazine called Modern Drunkard (with coverlines like, “Go shot for shot with Ernest Hemingway”), I saw a woman with a tiny long-haired chihuahua puppy in her purse (this dog was adorable), and I overheard the most liberal conversation of all time when I was with a friend of mine. Highlights of this conversation included the following, “sperm comes out of a man,” and “animals rape each other, but it’s not like we want to encourage that.” Sigh.

3. San Francisco is the only place I’ve been where I’ve seen so many borderline-looking homeless people. You might see someone in dirty, grungy clothes with dreds and assume they’re homeless, but they might just be a hipster.

4. Haight-Ashbury is so cool and worth your time. It’s fascinating to walk down the street where the hippie movement began, and where it still feels like the 60s–the stores still sell tie-dye T-shirts like they never went out of style and glorify bands of that era including the Grateful Dead. It’s also interesting because it’s surrounded by wealthy Victorian houses that San Fran is known for.

5. San Francisco is a place that feels modern but still maintains its strong ties to the past. Places like Cafe Trieste are the best example of this. Some of the beat writers hung out there, and this is the spot where Francis Ford Coppola penned the screenplay to “The Godfather.”

6. The food in The Exploratorium is horrific. I ate some clam chouder that was more watery than, well, water. Don’t eat there.

7. San Francisco is very, very concerned with everything being organic, local and sustainable. These are all very good things. But it does get old when it’s shoved in your face all the time.

8. They have the best coffee, ever. I fell in love with Blue Bottle was here, and sorry Starbucks, but you just can’t compete. It’s the smoothest coffee I’ve had in the U.S. (the best coffee ever is in Italy). They also put little designs into your beverage which I love. Mocha art, anyone?

I’d say I fell gently in love with San Francisco. It’s a gorgeous city with an artsy vibe, good food and fall-like weather year round. Image

Above, some coffee art courtesy of Blue Bottle.