Checking out Radiance Yoga’s New Digs

Radiance Yoga used to be one of the studios lining Old Town’s main artery, King Street. And it did have that Old Town charm. You walked up a steep staircase to a lobby and two studios that looked like it may have been someone’s personal dwelling at one time. The main one had exposed-brick walls, hard-wood floors and windows that faced out to busy King Street. It was a very comfortable, albeit small, space.

But they’ve left their old home and have traded it for a new one on Prince Street. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It’s on the second floor of a very nondescript building on Prince. When I initially walked in and up the stairs to a white-walled, very plain area, I remember hoping it would be nice, and I got my wish. When you first enter on your right, there’s a bunch of shoe cubbies, a place to hang your coats, and the front desk is the next section down. Two pillars separate the cubby area from reception, so it doesn’t feel so closed off. From there, you’ll walk down a short hallway and find the centerpiece of the space. A round table with chairs and a round light that’s surrounded by this sparse, silver-painted wavy stripes on the ceiling that are supposed to look like the sun (this is Radiance Yoga, remember?). And I just loved this detailing. The main lobby was offset with one darker green/teal wall (I just love an accent wall, too), and the bathrooms were this rich purple color.


Two sets of double doors (say that five times fast) lie just outside the main lobby area that lead to the two new studios. I took class on the studio on the left. And I have to say, even though the place feels new, it’s still got that charm. The black-framed windows looked older and let in some noise, but it wasn’t nearly as intrusive as the King Street space. The floor looked worn (I’m not sure if it was new or not) and added character to the place. My instructor was tough, but great. During the very first class I took with her, she told our entire class that “we are here to sweat.” And she kept that promise. We performed plenty of vinyasas and held positions for long periods of time. My chest is still feeling all those planks we did on Saturday.Image

I’ve always felt that the space is equally as important as whoever is teaching the class. And I think Radiance has found the perfect balance between charming and old and nice and new. Go check it out if you have the chance.

Please note: you can’t make left turns from Washington Street onto Price (I know, I tried), so find another way to get there.


The Wear on My Yoga Mat

The back of my yoga mat, right where my toes rest, is looking a little rough. Some of the material has started to “chip” and there are tiny indents in the mat. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

I once took a yoga class where the instructor’s mat was worn down to the threads around the feet area because of how much she used it. And I’m proud to say that mine is getting there. No, I don’t want it to look as pristine as the day it was when I carried it out of the store. I’m content with it looking used because it means I’ve committed to the practice and have returned to the mat time and time again. Plus, it’s mean to be used, right?

So thank you mat, for all you’ve given me–including showing a few of your scars.