Clothing Review: Victoria’s Secret Sport Studio Sport Bras

Up until about a month ago, I had two sports bras hanging in my closet that used to be white. Now, there’s this odd shade of gray (but not 50. Zing.) with gnarly brown sweat spots dotting the fabric. If that picture didn’t gross you out, you can probably guess that I needed some replacements, STAT. And since I had a Victoria’s Secret coupon for $25 off a bra, I decided I should stock up. And lucky me, I found my latest fitness wardrobe gem, the studio sport bra.

Since this is Victoria’s Secret, it’s a sexy V-neck with just the right amount of support. I also love it’s racerback and cute V straps that are hidden just well enough under my CRBs from lululemon. This is a great bra for light-to-medium impact activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, light jogging or assorted aerobics classes. It’s sexy, supportive and comes with remove-able cups that can really boost your bust (he, he). The material is light enough to not feel like armor (as some of my favorite bras from Moving Comfort do), but heavy enough to really hold everything in.

If you’re looking for your next sports bra, purchase, may I suggest this one? It’s got all the right stuff, and the colors are adorable too.