The Best $8 I Ever Spent

photo_handswithbluepolishYes, yes, this is another beauty post about a product I adore. But this one is special. This time last week, I decided to take one day off during the week as I worked throughout most of the previous weekend. I saw “Silver Linings Playbook” in the morning (great movie, by the way) and then went on a “hunt” to find Essie’s Mint Candy Apple shade of nail polish. I saw this ad in a couple of magazines and could not get over it. The nail polish (which is the perfect blend of mint and turquoise) was shown dripping all over an apple, and I had to have it. Ah, the power of advertising.

So I drove to Target, two CVSs (who had cardboard displays featuring the shade, but not the product itself) and finally found the last bottle of it at Walgreens. And it’s just perfect. It reminds me that spring is coming even though winter is still lingering around.

I’ve gotten numerous compliments on it. Someone told me that it was the perfect shade of robin’s egg blue and made her think of spring. It just goes to show you that sometimes you just need a little retail therapy to brighten your day. Sure, $8 is a lot to spend on a tiny bottle of nail polish, but this one was worth every penny.