The Best $60 I Ever Spent

I realized I haven’t posted in forever (the holidays were very busy), and I also realized that I haven’t written about one of my favorite subjects yet, beauty.

Now, because I have a blemish-prone complexion, I usually shell out more for facial cleansers/moisturizers/treatments but save on everything else (hello Bath & Body Works sale). Overall, I’m pretty cheap, and one of my personal philosophies is that you should never pay full-price retail.

But there is one exception to this rule I’ll make. I once spend (gasp) $60 on eyeshadow, and it was easily the best beauty purchase I’ve ever made. I bought a gorgeous YSL eyeshadow set from Sephora in 2009 and still have it today (hooray for non-water-based products). Now, buying this was difficult for me as I usually purchase my makeup from CVS or Clinique when they’re having a good deal. But this eyeshadow was just too good to pass up. The blue in the center of the quad really brings out the color in my eyes. The deep purple plays up the brown. The tan is a shadow I use during job interviews because it’s light enough to look professional but still makes my look gorgeous. There’s another dark blue that I use when I want a smoky eye, and a very light shadow that I use when I want to make one of the other shadows lighter. In short, it’s perfection in the form of eyeshadow. So, if you’re wondering whether you should drop $50+ on a new eyeshadow set, I say do it if you’ll know you’ll use it. In four years, that $60 has really paid off and was worth every penny. Image