L.A. Wrap-up

So now that I’ve been back from L.A. for a few days, I want to reflect on my experience and what I thought it would be like vs. what it actually was like.

1. Although L.A. is filled with beautiful people, it’s not like everyone looks like a model. I thought it would be plastic surgery city, but it wasn’t.

2. For some reason, I had it in my head that L.A. would be just like New York City in terms of how many crazy people wander its streets. But it wasn’t. Although I did see some interesting characters in Hollywood (I mean I really did see people dressed as Darth Vader and other movie characters).

3. Although Venice Beach and Hollywood are sleazy, the rest of L.A. is gorgeous. I especially loved Laguna Beach, Malibu, driving on the PCH and Santa Monica.

4. Even though I think San Diego is prettier, L.A. is more interesting. It’s a living pop-culture quiz. On every street corner, there’s another piece of pop culture history. Overall, it was a pretty, interesting place that I wouldn’t mind returning to.


The Getty Center–my favorite spot in L.A.


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