Disneyland: Commercialism to the Extreme

I visited both Disneyland and the California Adventure park yesterday. Overall, both parks were clean and interesting.

Disneyland is really just a micro-version of Disney World–which is better. It was interesting seeing the castle and the old-time entrance at the front in Disneyland. The New Orleans section was also well done and did remind me of the city. But like all things Disney, it’s just too in-your-face commercial. For every one ride, there’s about ten shops–all filled with overpriced, useless merchandise.

That being said, the parks are clean, well-run and being inside them is neat. It’s like being in a living version of fantasy land.

The recreated Hollywood street in the California adventure park is pretty. But it’s nothing like the real Hollywood. I had fun on the ferris wheel, even though it made my nauseous. I went to Disney World two years ago, and it was just too much Disney for me.

If you have a choice between Disneyland and Disney World, pick Disney World. It’s bigger and Epcot is worth seeing. Just try not to lose all your money in the process.


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