Venice Beach

Well, Venice Beach was pretty much like every sleazy boardwalk I’ve ever stepped foot on. Think Ocean City, Atlantic City, etc. But it was more artistic. That is one thing I love about California; there’s art everywhere. I saw a model of Starry Night on a wall and a slew of “interesting” characters. One man was roller blading while playing an electric guitar, another was performing brake dancing tricks on a bike and a whole group was performing a handful of Micheal Jackson hits. It’s in stark contrast to the wealth and class that Santa Monica exudes.

But it’s more fun. The board walk is lively for sure. Artists selling a variety of products line the streets and musicians are everywhere. I stopped to each some fish and chips and a fight broke out across the board walk on a basketball court. I was worried about it spreading to where I was, but one of the guys in it left before that happened. Phew.

That’s when I decided to head back to Santa Monica. It’s a long walk, but worth it to see that transition from crowded and serene to crowded and crazy.


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