Santa Monica

Since I’ve been in California, it seems as if a Sheryl Crow song should be playing in the background. And Santa Monica was one of those places. I started my Santa Monica adventure by visiting the 3rd Street Promenade–a large street filled with shops, restaurants and street performers (my personal favorite). I saw an electric violinist, break dancers, a rock band dressed like zombies performing “Thriller,” another rock band playing “Heart-Shaped Box” and a handful of acoustic guitarists and singers.

I stopped at a free-standing shop and bought gelato that was quite tasty. The street is pretty, but really small and ends in yet another one of Cali’s outdoor malls. There was a striking Louis Vuitton window display and the True Religion store was filled with old Singer sewing machines in the window.

I finished up my Santa Monica journey by taking a long ferris wheel ride on the pier, just a few blocks away from the mall. And I got to share my ride with two others who were in Bikram yoga training with Bikram Chodhury himself. One guy was from Montana and the woman he was traveling with was from Australia (the third one I’ve met so far!). They told me how people in their training program, who ranged from one man who weighed 300 pounds to a woman in her 70s, had used Bikram yoga to overcome their struggles with diabetes, drug/sex addiction and a slew of other issues. After I got off the ride, I promised the man I’d do a yoga challenge. So it looks like I’ll have to! He suggested Bikram, but I’m thinking I’ll go with Baptiste instead. đŸ˜‰


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