Simply Breathtaking: The Getty Center

The Getty Center is by far the most gorgeous place I’ve visited in L.A. so far. But it’s a little tricky to find. The Center  is up on a hill, but you park maybe one mile away and take a tram to the place. But it is so worth it.

The entire museum is art, and it’s filled with priceless pieces. The center’s buildings are all made out of this white stone that give the entire place a very “clean” feel. I started off my visit by lunching at the cafeteria. For museum food, it was pretty good. And I just loved, loved my surroundings. The entire dining area, with the exception of the ceiling, was enclosed in glass. It was wonderful being able to look out and see parts of L.A. while I munched on some French fries. Plus, the cafeteria was huge and made you feel like you were eating in some really large fish bowl.

Next I took a stroll around the garden–complete with a waterfall, flowering plants and gravel in some places. It was somewhat plain, but well designed and thoughtful. It was a nice touch. I then headed up to one of the buildings that was part of the center, and boy, did I get a view. You can see from the Pacific to the 405 highway that runs below the Museum. And it was gorgeous. I wanted a full view of the L.A. skyline when I cruised along Mulholland Drive, and I got one, but this was the whole picture. And it’s free admission, to boot.

The art inside that struck me the most was the photography exhibit, some of the ancient furniture displays (I’m a sucker for old-school European designs) and a handful of paintings. There was one of a spotted horse the caught my eye. Go figure, right?

So, if you want a great view of L.A. and a free trip to a stunning Museum, pay a visit to the Getty Center. You will not be disappointed.


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