Rest in Peace, Marilyn Monroe

I’ve wanted to see Marilyn Monroe’s final resting place since forever. And today I finally got the chance.

Her tomb is made out of pink marble, and she is surrounded by white tombs which makes hers pop. Hers always has flowers on it (After Joe DiMaggio passed away, someone started a club that replenishes the flowers weekly). And it was covered in a few lipstick kisses. No, I wasn’t wearing any lip color, but I did plant a kiss and left a dime in the cracks between her tomb and the one above hers.

Overall, I felt sad seeing her grave. She is one of the most enduring icons of the 20th Century, and it’s not that hard to see why. She was gorgeous. She embodied what it means to be feminine and sexual–and still does. And she died young. (I personally don’t think it was a suicide or an accidental overdose, but that’s for another blog post.) And her life was just sad.

I mean she was rich, famous and beautiful, but she didn’t have much else. All her marriages failed. Her career had come to a halt of sorts. She wasn’t seen as smart. She was only seen as sexual. And I suppose, we all want to be seen as not only sexy, but as intelligent people who have more to offer than our physical appearances.

I could write a million different things about her, and I’m sure they’ve all been said before. My hope is that she finally found some peace in the afterlife. She was beautiful and seemed like a nice person who deserved a happy life. I hope she got it. Rest in peace, Norma Jeane.

Marilyn Monroe grave

Marilyn Monroe’s final resting place.


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