Let’s Hear it for the Dogs

Autumn and Rocket ready for a walk.

I was about to shut off my laptop and drift off to sleep, but then I remembered I had to pay tribute to my beloved long-haired chihuahuas–Autumn and Rocket. I’ve known them since they were hours old (they just turned two on October 19) and love them to pieces.

They are sweet, pretty and loving. They’re always eager to see me when I get home and sit on my lap when I’m working on projects. They are my best (furry) friends. And although I love traveling and hate leaving them, the absolute best part about leaving is when I come back and pick them up. They’ve missed me and want to be held forever. And I’m happy to do just that. It’s moments like that I wish I could hold onto forever. Thank you, Autumn and Rocket, for everything you do!


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