Beverly Hills. It’s Where I Want to be.

My double-decker bus dropped me off about three blocks from Rodeo Drive. So I walked in that direction, but not before I stopped on North Beverly Drive to primarily check out this adorable brownie shop. After enjoying the treat, I headed over to the mecca of high fashion. But first I walked along Via Rodeo–this charming, small side-street modeled after an Italian town (the cobble stone in a real Italian town would never be that smooth). It was beautiful. And for a few short blocks, I really did feel like I was visiting Italia. Que bello! Before taking a few pics of the hotel featured in “Pretty Women.” L.A. really is a living pop-culture quiz.

Rodeo Drive’s shop were gorgeous. I loved the Chanel’s building exterior. Overall, the street exudes wealth and art. I only admired the art, otherwise I’d go bankrupt in five minutes buying items from any of those stores. But I was in for a treat. I loved the jewelry displays–the gems really sparkle in the sunlight. I thought the Tom Ford display was cutting-edge. The Dior store was pretty, too. With these flower rings and a “wall of flowers” as a backdrop to some of their gorgeous clothes.

All in all, Beverly Hills was more pristine and conservative than Hollywood. I loved seeing the manicured gardens as we drove by them and admired the architecture of the Rodeo Drive area.


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